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Come see us at the Minnesota BCA Criminal Justice Users Conference on September 23-24

by Dynamic Imaging Systems August 17, 2014

Dynamic Imaging Systems will be exhibiting at the 2014 BCA Criminal Justice Information Users Conference in St. Cloud, MN on September 23-24.

The BCA’s Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) collects, manages and delivers statewide criminal justice information to its customers through dozens of applications and services. MNJIS staff support and train the users of applications, programs and business practices that attendees will hear more about throughout the conference.
(Source: http://dps.mn.gov).

For more information about the conference please visit: https://dps.mn.gov/DIVISIONS/BCA/BCA-DIVISIONS/MNJIS/Pages/default.aspx

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing Jail or Records system, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.



Dynamic Imaging Announces CorreTrak Inmate Tracking Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems June 26, 2014

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce CorreTrak, an Inmate Tracking solution designed to improve Corrections operations and productivity, through the use of rugged, mobile devices, which scan and collect vital inmate data.

“We are thrilled to release our latest product, CorreTrak,” said Linda Holmes, President of Dynamic Imaging Systems.  “With several apps available at launch and more in the pipeline, we are excited for our customers to begin benefiting from greater efficiencies and capabilities in their facilities.”

Specifically designed for correctional agencies, CorreTrak is easy to use, incorporating mobile devices with high-speed barcode scanning capability and an intuitive touch-screen application interface. By scanning barcodes from inmate wristbands or ID cards, CorreTrak collects vital data, like, inmate locations, head count, cell check observations, program attendance, and more. All scan transactions are submitted in real-time and stored electronically on a central server.  Data, such as, scan date, scan time, booking number, location, device name or even officer ID, can be searched to build sophisticated reports for auditing and compliance requirements.

Best of all, CorreTrak will support integration with many existing Jail Management systems, to automatically download and upload important facility and inmate data, including mugshots., bookings, housing assignments, alerts and facility locations.  Data captured in the CorreTrak mobile applications are synchronized with the Jail Management system, using modern Wi-Fi technology (802.11b/g/n) or traditional, wired Ethernet.  Network-based docking stations do not require a PC and can be used for data synchronization with the servers, either in place of WiFi or where WiFi signals are degraded. CorreTrak’s leverage of wired and wireless technology makes the application versatile throughout the entire facility, while providing critical, real-time inmate tracking data within various Jail Management modules. 

CorreTrak is available now and includes the following apps at launch:

Positively identify inmates using barcodes on their wristband or ID cards. View custom inmate cards with their mugshot photo, booking information and potential alerts. Record inmate program and class attendance using inmate barcodes. View scanned inmates in an intuitive touchscreen list that synchronizes with the agency jail system.
Record locations of inmates as they move around your facility. The inmate location is synchronized with the agency jail system. Record an inmate’s observed activities or demeanor, while performing cell checks. Recorded data is synchronized with the agency jail system for accountability and compliance reporting requirements.
Perform head counts using inmate barcodes or manually enter head counts using the touchscreen and keypad. Counts are stored locally and synchronized with the agency jail system.


To learn more about CorreTrak, or to request a free demonstration, please contact Sales at 856-988-1545 or via email at sales@dynamicimaging.com.  To receive the latest CorreTrak news and updates sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

Clark County Implements Mugshot Sharing Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems December 5, 2013

Dynamic Imaging Systems was selected to provide a mugshot submission interface utilized by several agencies in Clark County, Nevada.

In 2011, Clark County NV was looking for a way to include mugshot photos in SCOPE, their statewide criminal arrest history repository.  While the majority of the state’s arrests occurred in just three different municipalities, gaining access to mugshot photos was time consuming because photos were not available in the SCOPE application and each arresting agency had their own separate jail or records system.  This required users to manually request mugshots directly from the arresting agency which could take days or even weeks to administer. To improve this process and facilitate enhanced data sharing among multiple agencies, Clark County was challenged with finding a way to accept photos from these agencies in a consistent and controllable method so they could be displayed in the SCOPE application.

The County selected Dynamic Imaging Systems to accomplish this goal due to their experience with mugshot imaging and large scale interfacing projects.  During the initial planning and analysis representatives from Dynamic Imaging worked closely with Clark County to define a clear interface specification.  The specification would support submission of records from participating agencies and an API for Clark County’s third party vendor to use for displaying images in the SCOPE application.  Sonnia Gallo, Project Manager for Clark County had this to say about the project planning phase of the project, “communication was very smooth and Dynamic Imaging Systems had a clear understanding of what we needed.  They were quick to respond and were patient with our questions on how to administer the product”. 

Using existing technologies from the PictureLink suite of products, a successful interface was delivered in the fall of 2012.  IT personnel from Clark County are able to monitor incoming submissions from the police departments in real time with a simple user interface that lists every transaction that is processed through the system.  “The administration tools are very user friendly as well as configurable for our needs. Nothing is hard coded which makes it very flexible for future use by the County” Sonnia said.   Submissions that don’t meet the County defined specifications are logged and can be reviewed on an individual or site-wide basis.  Submissions are also scheduled to automatically retry if there is an error.  This ensure that that files are never lost during transmission in the event that servers are down for scheduled maintenance or if networking issues occur. 

To date, the interface has processed nearly 500,000 submissions and continues to process nearly 500 arrests daily from the Metro, City of Las Vegas and City of Henderson Police Departments.  The County has plans to add other agencies as well as additional photo views in the near future.  Sonnia describe the project as “effortless” and had this to say about her experience working with Dynamic Imaging Systems.  “From initial bid to completion, this project has been a very pleasant experience.  The product and customer service provided by Dynamic Imaging was excellent and we highly recommend them to other agencies looking to implement a similar solution”.

To learn more about our multi-agency interfaces, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

South Sound 911 Implements PictureLink Mugshot System

by Dynamic Imaging Systems October 1, 2013

Dynamic Imaging Systems was selected to provide a regional mugshot repository and local mugshot booking capture stations for South Sound 911, a public safety consortium in Pierce County, WA  that provides technology services for its law enforcement member cities.

South Sound 911 sought to replace their aging Imageware mugshot system to meet upcoming CJIS requirements for enhanced mugshot quality, security and investigative sharing capabilities.  To meet these requirements Dynamic Imaging Systems provided five web-based PictureLink Mugshot digital camera capture stations that automatically capture NIST compliant photos with minimal user intervention.  New arrests captured at each agency are subsequently submitted to the shared system and made available to law enforcement personnel for searches, photo lineups, and digital mugbooks.  Photos are captured according to the ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2011 level 40 specifications to satisfy South Sound 911’s request to meet upcoming CJIS requirements for high resolution mugshot images.  In addition, the PictureLink system performs image quality checks to ensure that photos submitted from each facility have consistent brightness, background color and head size.

Dynamic Imaging Systems also provided booking interfaces to support Pierce County, Puyallup and Fife Jails.  Each interface was designed to eliminate double entry between the agencies existing jail system by importing arrest data into the PictureLink system prior to mugshot capture. This has reduced the chance of costly data entry mistakes while helping to speed up the booking process.

In addition to the primary booking database, South Sound 911 required standalone databases for Sex Offender registrants and employees.  Each database is restricted to specific agency personnel and included custom built forms for photo and data print outs.

To learn more about our multi-agency integrations, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com.

Bergen County Upgrades to PictureLink Mugshot System

by Dynamic Imaging Systems August 27, 2012

Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, NJ has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot System as an integrated part of their existing Global Tel Link (GTL, formally DSI-ITI) Offender Management System (OMS).  GTL proposes Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink Solution to their customers as an upgrade from the DSI-ITI Imaging System.

The County was seeking to improve their mugshot capabilities to speed up the booking process and provide consistent photos across multiple booking areas.  They elected to coincide their implementation with an upgrade to the new Evolution Offender Management System that supports seamless photo capture using the PictureLink Mugshot System.  The County’s implementation of PictureLink included five mugshot booking stations and the conversion of the agency’s historical data and images from the OMS.  One booking station was configured at the Hackensack Police Department so officers at this neighboring location can take photos and access arrest records using the jails database.  Historical data and images from the conversion are also available for investigative functions like photo lineups and mugbooks using PictureLink.

The PictureLink Mugshot System and the OMS are tightly integrated with a simple user interface.  Once booking data is entered into the OMS, officers choose the subject’s record from a queue within PictureLink.  This opens the record and allows officers to take advantage of the advanced mugshot capabilities of the PictureLink system including Auto Capture which directs the camera to pan, tilt, zoom and crop the photo without any user intervention.  PictureLink also performs quality checks on face front photos to ensure that images have consistent brightness, background color and head size.  Once front, side and tattoo photos are captured, photos are sent back to the OMS system and made available within the subjects booking record.

In addition to the primary booking database Bergen County Sheriff’s Office required standalone databases to be used for summons, Megan’s law, visitors and employees.  Each database included custom built forms used for photo and data print outs as well as ID card badges.

To learn more about how our products and services can be provided as an integrated solution with your existing system, please contact us.

Dynamic Imaging Announces Summer Release of PictureLink and PositiveID+

by Dynamic Imaging Systems July 18, 2012

Today we are excited to announce updated versions of PictureLink and PositiveID+ for immediate release to our customers.  This release is the culmination of six months of development and testing to further position our Mugshot Imaging and Biometrics solutions offerings to better meet the needs of the law enforcement community.

Significant developments were made to our service-oriented architecture that will serve as the platform for future enhancements in current and future solutions.  This includes expanded functionality for our extensions framework, new shared web services and centralized configuration for all applications.  In addition, many of our most popular modules have been completely re-written with modernized user interfaces and increased performance.  This further positions our law enforcement solutions to be more easily deployed by administrators and adopted by our end users.


PictureLink enhancements

New photo imaging module

  • Up to 4x faster when using Auto Capture to locate and crop mugshots to NIST standards.
  • Supports web based capture using PictureLink Web Edition
  • Updated user interface

Enhanced administration

  • Improved interface for users, rights, roles and host management
  • Remote license installation
  • Remote machine level settings management

PositiveID+ enhancements

  • Supports new dual fingerprint reader
  • New fingerprint and face PDF reports
  • Advanced filtering for facial recognition results

To learn more about our latest release, or to request a free demonstration, please contact Client Services at 856-988-1545.

SCORE Jail Implements PictureLink Repository for Multi Agency Sharing

by Dynamic Imaging Systems June 25, 2012


Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the SCORE South Correctional Entity Multijurisdictional Misdemeanant Jail (WA) has purchased and implemented PictureLink Web Edition for a multi agency shared repository.

The SCORE facility houses inmates for seven member cities across King County and needed a way to easily share their arrest photos and data in a centralized web accessible application.  To accomplish this goal, an interface was implemented between their Spillman jail management system and Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Web Edition.  The interface synchronizes Spillman arrest photos and data in a central repository accessible by investigators and patrol personnel from participating member cities.  New arrests are visible in PictureLink Web Edition within minutes of booking and include subject information, charges, SMT’s as well as alerts.

In addition to SCORE’s arrest photos, a conversion was completed using Auburn Police Departments historical arrest data.   Auburn Police Department has used Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Mugshot System for over 8 years.  The inclusion of their existing database proved beneficial to all SCORE member cities, as it immediately added thousands of PictureLink’s high quality mugshot photos to the central repository

To learn more about multi-agency integrations and jail management system interfaces, please contact sales@dynamimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.


Dynamic Imaging Systems is moving

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 13, 2012

We are excited to announce that Dynamic Imaging Systems is moving. Effective April 1, 2012 the address to our new office will be:

1000 Atrium Way, Suite 203
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

We will be physically moving on Friday, March 30th and expect our phone lines to be down from 3:00 PM EST till 4:30 PM EST.  During this timeframe, please email all support issues to support@dynamicimaging.com.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during our move.







Mohave County (AZ) Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 6, 2012


Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) has purchased and implemented the PositiveID+ biometrics application for use in the Jail, Sheriff’s Office and three remote substations.

The agency already uses Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink Mugshot System so adding PositiveID+ for identification purposes was a natural add on to their existing system.  The County jail is prepared to use PositiveID+ to reduce the chance of misidentification during booking as well as positive identification during the release process.

Mohave County Sheriff’s existing PictureLink mugshot images were enrolled into the PositiveID+ database during implementation giving the agency a considerable base of biometric templates available for facial recognition searches.  New faces captured during the booking process are automatically enrolled into the PositiveID+ database.  In addition, searches can be performed using multiple sources including their existing PictureLink mugshot system, digital cameras or from an imported image file.

Additionally, Dynamic Imaging Systems configured an interface between their Sagem Morpho Livescan machine and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).  Fingerprint files that are verified and validated by the DPS are sent back to the PositiveID+ system to be included in the PositiveID+ database.

To learn more PositiveID+ biometrics or to request a free demonstration, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.


Santa Cruz County (AZ) Implements PositiveID+ with Facial Recognition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems December 28, 2011

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) implements Dynamic Imaging Systems latest biometrics application, PositiveID+.  By upgrading from the older version, the agency increased search performance, improved accuracy and added additional functionality like facial recognition searches to their system.  The agency’s 45,000 existing facial mugshot images were enrolled into PositiveID+ along with their 50,000 existing fingerprints, giving the agency a considerable base of biometric templates available for identification.  The jails booking area is poised to use PositiveID+ fingerprint identification for both pre-booking and release areas.  For subjects without a fingerprint in the local database, facial recognition searches can be performed from the agency’s existing PictureLink Mugshot capture station.  Fingerprint and facial recognition searches return match results with accompanying photos in less than 10 seconds, providing booking officers with an immediate starting point in the identification process.  In addition, County investigators can now perform facial recognition searches and enrollments of the jails photos from within their own department.

The PositiveID+ upgrade also coincided with the implementation of Dynamic Imaging Systems latest web application, PictureLink Web Edition.  The application synchronizes data with the agency’s Spillman database to provide mugshot images and investigative functionality (lineups, digital witness mugbooks, searches, alerts) to a broader range of law enforcement personnel including the Nogales Police Department.

To learn more about PositiveID+ biometrics or to request a free demonstration, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.