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Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park PD’s (MN) Implement Interface between PictureLink Mugshot System and New World Systems

by Dynamic Imaging Systems December 15, 2011

Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park (MN) Police Departments implemented an interface between their PictureLink Mugshot System and their New World Systems Record Management System (RMS).  The interface enables users to import a defined set of data into the PictureLink Mugshot System prior to beginning the image capture process.  This reduces the chance of costly data entry mistakes, speeds up the booking process and eliminates the double data entry that booking users had previously been performing.  Booking data is entered initially into the agency’s New World System records system, imported into PictureLink for the mugshot image capture process, and then exported to the Identix Livescan, where it is used for name/demographic import and completion of the criminal fingerprinting process.

The interface with New World Systems utilizes current web services technologies and XML data exchange architectures, making the interface program efficient, reliable and seamless for end users.  In addition, once mugshots are captured in the PictureLink system, the agency’s New World System automatically imports the images and associates them with their respective record for use within that application.

The interface was a collaborative effort between Dynamic Imaging Systems (Marlton, NJ) and New World Systems (Troy, MI).  To learn more about other successful Records or Jail Management System interfaces, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.

Asbury Park & Long Branch Implement PictureLink Web Edition with Facial Recognition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 2, 2011

Asbury Park Police Department, NJ & Long Branch Police Department, NJ implement a shared image repository and facial recognition solution using PictureLink Web Edition and Positive ID+.  Both agencies are able to perform mugshot data and image searches, generate lineups, and perform facial recognition searches on records submitted from either agency.

Asbury Park and Long Branch Police Departments experience frequent repeat offenders between their neighboring cities so they wanted a solution that would combine valuable local arrest data into a single centralized application for use by investigators and patrol personnel from either department.  Both agencies use Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink image capture system, interfaced with their respective records management systems - Archonix XRMS application (Asbury Park PD) and TriTech’s IMC Law RMS (Long Branch PD).  New arrest records captured at each agency are subsequently submitted to the shared system and made available to law enforcement personnel for searches, photo lineups, digital mugbooks, arrest summary printouts, and more.

In addition, arrest records from both cities are available for facial recognition searches using Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PositiveID+ biometrics application.  Officers can perform mobile facial recognition searches directly from their cell phones or from their web browsers in order to quickly find potential suspects or identify uncooperative individuals while in the field.

During implementation, historical mugshot booking records and face images from both agencies were imported into the database.  Thus, the system was rolled out with thousands of records and faces immediately available for investigative and facial recognition searches.

To learn more about our multi-agency integrations, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com or call 856-988-1545

Ramsey County Implements PictureLink Mugshot System with Business Partner DSI-ITI

by Dynamic Imaging Systems July 5, 2011

Ramsey County Correctional Facility, MN has implemented the PictureLink Mugshot System as an integrated part of their existing DSI-ITI Offender Management System (OMS). As a business partner, DSI-ITI offers Dynamic Imaging Systems’ products and services as a part of their integrated solutions. Ramsey County Correctional Facility purchased PictureLink’s Advanced Mugshot System using their existing DSI-ITI contract.

Ramsey County’s implementation of PictureLink included two mugshot booking stations, the conversion of the agency’s historical data and images, and an interface to the Minnesota statewide repository of arrest data and mugshots (MRAP). Custom wristbands with barcodes, used for the identification of subjects from within the OMS, are created using PictureLink's Forms Design tool. A standalone database for employee ID Badges was also provided.

The Mugshot Systems and the OMS are tightly integrated with a simple user interface. Once the booking data is entered into the OMS and the Corrections Officer is ready to capture the mugshot, they choose the subject's record from a queue within PictureLink and click on Auto Capture. Auto Capture directs the camera to pan, tilt, zoom and crop the image without any user intervention. Photos are subsequently sent back to the OMS system and available in the data record. After the booking is complete, the mugshot and associated data is sent to the State’s MRAP database of arrest and booking photos.

The Minnesota Repository of Arrest Photographs (MRAP) is a statewide repository maintained by Dynamic Imaging Systems that accepts photos submitted from hundreds of Minnesota law enforcement agencies. Participating MRAP agencies can create lineups and witness viewing sessions as well as submit images for facial recognition. For more information on MRAP and a list of participating agency’s visit their website.

To learn more about other partners who offer our products and services to their customers as an integrated solution, please visit http://www.dynamicimaging.com/company/partners/.

Lakewood Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics with Smart Phone Facial Recognition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems April 30, 2011

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the Lakewood Township Police Department, Lakewood, NJ has purchased and implemented the PositiveID+ biometrics application for use in its booking/intake area as well as for mobile identification from department issued Smart Phones.

The Police Department was seeking an improved way to help identify subjects brought into the facility to prevent misidentification, speed up the booking process and ensure records were booked under the proper name.  The agency currently uses Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Mugshot System and decided that the addition of PositiveID+ for law enforcement facial recognition identification was a natural compliment to their existing system.  The ease and compatibility of adding the new biometrics application was a deciding factor in selecting PositiveID+.

PositiveID+ also extends law enforcement facial recognition identification beyond the booking area to Investigative and Patrol staff.  Identification of subjects can be performed even before they are brought into the facility using police department issued smart phones or digital cameras plugged into MDT laptops.  These searches are run against the agency’s mugshot image repository to aid in finding a potential suspect for a case or identifying uncooperative subjects in the field.

Lakewood Township Police Department’s existing PictureLink Mugshot images were enrolled into the PositiveID+ database during implementation and new face images are automatically enrolled during the image capture process.  Dynamic Imaging Systems has also set up an interface between the agency’s Sagem Morpho Livescan and the PositiveID+ database. Fingerprints captured on the Livescan are enrolled into the database for law enforcement fingerprint identification and archived to Dynamic Imaging Systems Law Enforcement Fingerprint Storage application, NIST Repository.


To learn more about our law enforcement facial recognition and fingerprint identification product PositiveID+, please visit www.dynamicimaging.com/solutions/fingerprint-identificaiton or request a free web demonstration.


Dynamic Imaging Releases PictureLink Web Edition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 21, 2011

Today we are excited to announce the release of PictureLink Web Edition.

PictureLink Web Edition includes most of the same advanced features found in our desktop client, like, sophisticated forms output, investigative lineups, advanced search tools and quick access to high quality mugshot images captured by the PictureLink Mugshot System. As future releases of PictureLink Web Edition emerge, the product will encompass more functionality than both the desktop version of PictureLink and the PictureLink.Net web application.

PictureLink Web Edition is a true browser based solution that requires no additional software installation to be installed on client workstations and runs in a variety of web browsers. A single installation of PictureLink Web Edition on an agency server makes the application available to all authorized users, reducing the amount of time IT must spend installing software on client workstations. PictureLink Web Edition further aligns our product offerings with our current service-oriented architecture and provides application software that is both easily deployed by administrators and adopted by end users.

Features at a glance:

  • Supports all major web browsers (IE 7+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome)
  • Print forms online or save as a PDF
  • Customizable quick search field makes finding records easy
  • Create, modify and delete records all from the browser
  • Speed & usability improvements for photo lineups
  • Dark theme for mobile patrol car use
  • Perform facial recognition searches from the web (PositiveID+ required)

PictureLink Web Edition is an upgrade to PictureLink Display and PictureLink.NET licensing. Contact Client Services at 856-988-1545 to learn more about PictureLink Web Edition and how to upgrade, or to request a free web demonstration.

Dynamic Imaging Launches New Corporate Website

by Dynamic Imaging Systems November 22, 2010

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new corporate website www.dynamicimaging.com. The site features updated information about our products and services as well as a re-designed support area for our customers.

The new site is the culmination of considerable effort by company staff to ensure that information is current and easy to find. It will also enable us to continually update content and add valuable enhancements that help keep visitors informed and educated about our software. Whether you are seeking new products, services, contact information, or software support, our new website makes locating what you need fast and easy.



Aurora Replaces Image Bank with PictureLink Mugshot System

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 20, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Aurora Police Department, CO has replaced their existing PSP Image Bank system with the PictureLink Mugshot System.

Aurora Police Department's booking process is similar to Austin PD and Baytown PD in that it interfaces with the city’s existing Versadex records management system.  This makes mugshots taken in PictureLink available in the Versadex system's data record.

Additionally, Aurora PD has implemented the web based version of Picturelink that allows arrest data and mugshots to be accessed via the internet.  This repository allows investigators and patrol officers to create lineups, print forms, and perform mobile lookups.


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Baytown Replaces Image Bank with PictureLink Mugshot Software

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 2, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Baytown Police Department, TX has replaced their existing PSP Image Bank mugshot system with the PictureLink Mugshot System and implemented both NIST Repository and PositiveID+ Biometric applications.

The Baytown Police Department’s implementation of PictureLink included several interfaces to help streamline their booking process and reduce the amount of duplicate entry that existed in their previous system.

Similar to Austin PD (TX), Baytown enters booking data into the city’s Versadex records management system which is subsequently pulled into PictureLink using the included Datalink graphical user interface.  This makes the record available for image capture using PictureLinks advanced mugshot imaging module. 

After the booking is completed, the mugshot and associated data is sent to the agencies Printrak Livescan System using a Dynamic Imaging interface that removes the need to re-enter duplicate information or take a second mugshot photo.  This interface reduces the errors during data entry and allows Picturelinks high quality photos to be used for their state required NIST files.
After the subject is fingerprinted using the Printrak system a copy of the NIST file containing arrest data, images and fingerprints is sent to the state, the city’s AFIS Tracker system and to a second Dynamic Imaging interface.  This interface unpacks the NIST file and makes it available to Dynamic Imaging Systems NSIT Repository and PositiveID+ applications.


Facial Recognition Added to PositiveID+

by Dynamic Imaging Systems September 1, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems released a new facial recognition module within its PositiveID+ biometrics application. The addition of facial recognition in the 4.7 version of PositiveID+ brings fingerprint and facial identification together under one application. This enables an Agency to utilize both fingerprints and faces to help identify and investigate subjects. Agencies that own or purchase the PositiveID+ system can use the law enforcment facial recognition component at no additional licensing or software charges.  Also, existing face images can be enrolled into the system to support immediate use of the facial recognition tool as part of booking and investigative functions.


A mobile facial recognition app for law enforcement is also being offered to turn any camera-enabled cell phone into a powerful mobile recognition tool. The software enables end users to use their Blackberry/Droid/iPhone cell phones to capture a face image and submit it to the Agency’s PositiveID+ server. The incoming image is sent to the PositiveID+ search engine to identify possible matches and the search results are returned within moments. Search results can be viewed right on the officer’s mobile phone, forwarded to investigative personnel, or reviewed back in the office from any web browser. Mobile facial recognition using our innovative application is a powerful capability that makes it easy for officers to work in the field.



Guilford Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics Mobile Edition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems May 1, 2010

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that Guilford County Sheriff’s Office, NC licensed and implemented the new PositiveID+ Mobile Edition for use in patrol cars and various desktop locations within the Sheriff’s Office and Jail facilities. 

The County has used the PositiveID+ system inside the correctional facility for the past several years for rapid fingerprint identification of subjects for the intake and release areas.  The implementation of the mobile fingerprint identification edition extends this capability to patrol units and other areas of the Sheriff’s Office who want the convenience of rapid identification from their laptops.

With the implementation of PositiveID+ Mobile Edition, fingerprints are now automatically enrolled into PositiveID+ from the agency’s existing livescan system using a Dynamic Imaging interface, increasing both the quality and the number of prints in their local repository.  This has helped grow their local repository to nearly 80,000 fingerprint image files.

The Mobile Edition uses a small USB fingerprint device connected to the agencies Verizon 3G aircard equipped laptops.  A typical one-to-many fingerprint search takes anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds depending on network speeds and returns demographic information as well as the subject’s mugshot image.

To learn more about PositiveID+ Biometrics mobile edition download a copy of the mobile product sheet or sign up for a free web demonstration.


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