Facial Recognition

Positive ID+ is an innovative forensic facial recognition solution that enables investigators to match probe images of an individual from crime scene video footage against their mugshot database.

Using advanced forensic video editing, pose correction and case management software, PositiveID+ provides investigators with all of the necessary tools to assist with their investigations.


Facial Examiner Tools

PositiveID+ supports advanced forensic video editing software that allows investigators to extract a suspect’s face from surveillance video even when the footage suffers from poor image quality, low lighting, noise or shake. Suspect probe images can also be enhanced using 3D modeling and pose correction software that takes 2D angled face images and renders them as 3D models that can be used for facial recognition searches.

Case Management

PositiveID+ includes a sophisticated Case Manager module that keeps track of all of the probe images and search results for a particular investigation as well as important data to audit usage like case open/closed dates and time, officer ID and case ID. Match results include side-by-side comparisons of the probe and match image, PDF reports and suspect demographic information.

Mobile Searching

Designed for ease of use and flexibility, PositiveID+ supports facial recognition searches from patrol car laptops and smartphones extending its functionality to local prosecutors, patrol staff and local/federal agencies. Mobile PositiveID+ can be used for suspect identification during patrol, sex registrant address verification, gang member affiliation, and more.


High Availability

Designed for scalability and growth, PositiveID+ supports parallel processing over multiple servers (physical or virtual) so that as the facial recognition database grows, the system speed and stability can be maintained. For large scale or critical systems, the PositiveID+ application and face matching servers can be distributed over several redundant servers that provide continued operation even if a server fails.


PositiveID+ was designed to be integrated with your Jail or Records Management system by automatically linking relevant data such as name, booking number, SSN, SID, DOB, eye color, and hair color to the face enrollment record. Search and enroll capabilities can also be directly integrated into your existing systems using our flexible and affordable SDK.


PositiveID+ can be implemented in a contained intranet or exposed to the internet for secure sharing with outside agencies like prosecutors, patrol staff and local/federal agencies. In most cases a single server side installation makes the application available to all authorized users within the agencies environment.

Sophisticated Matching Engines

PositiveID+ supports several industry leading matching engine technologies for standard mugshot to mugshot matching as well as advanced capabilities for “latent face” image matching from crime scene video footage. Probe images can be submitted via the PositiveID+ web-based application, email or dedicated stations.

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